CFO Services

Financial services at an executive level is offered to small or middle-sized companies, that have the same need of a CFO as bigger companies, but might not necessarily have the funds or need of a full-time employed. A typical client within our CFO services is a company with one or multiple bookkeepers and strong workflow rutines in the financial functions.


The challenge for the company kan for example be to finish a comprehensible monthly statement with comments for the board and/or the bank. This is where we can step in as required and help with these tasks with short notice. Another example of a typical task is to improve the necessary material and along with the company’s director participate in a meeting with focus on renegotiating or increasing the company’s financing facilities. In combination with this the focus is to compose a plan whereas the company can, on their own, improve the cash flow situation, hereby taking the “top” of the need for external financing.


We have a very strong cooperation with the accountancy firm John Schantz A/S, registered accountants. This is why we can offer a favorable packaged solution which include precisely the services wanted all the way to the finished yearly statement.